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An Old Fashioned Christmas during the 1850’s

Americans’ newfound awe and delight with Santa Claus and Christmas trees was spurred on by newspapers and periodicals like the New York Tribune and Godey’s Lady’s Book. Some 1850 Red Letter years in America’s battle for Christmas: 1850   Godey’s publishes an illustration of Britain’s royal family’s Christmas tree 1851   The…

Christmas Trees and Godey’s Lady’s Book

The Earliest American Christmas Trees: The arrival of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus was but one part of the transformation of Christmas during the nineteenth century. Another tradition embraced and adapted by much of the world, including America, was the Christmas tree. Many people around the world credit the German people as the…

Godey’s, June 1865

Below is a fashion plate from Godey’s Lady’s Book from June 1865. Godey’s Lady’s Book Plate 36. June 1865. Fig. a. Morning costume for a watering-place. Dress of white alpaca gored a L’Imperatrice, and trimmed with rose velvet ribbon and goat-hair tassels. The hair is a la Pompadour, with a coiffure…

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