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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction, currently working on my first novel.

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A Place to Remember: Augusta de Mist Country House and Kitchen, Swellendam

I don’t normally blog about the hotels I stay in, seeing them more as places to sleep a night or two than as destinations in their own right. But every so often you come across a place that is unique. Such as the Augusta de Mist Country House and Kitchen,…

A Close Encounter with African Penguins at the Stony Point Sanctuary

I wanted to see African Penguins while I was in South Africa but I didn’t fancy battling through the crowds to get to Boulders Beach. So the Stony Point Sanctuary, at Betty’s Bay on the Garden Route, was a logical alternative. Thousands of penguins, spectacular scenery and only a handful…

Photo Gallery: The Stone Age Cave of Cape St Blaize, South Africa

Mossel Bay, on South Africa's Garden Route, is known as the place where Europeans first set foot in southern Africa in the 15th century. But its history is much older than that and it is now thought that everyone living today may be descended from the people who lived in…

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