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I am a writer of travel articles and fiction, currently working on my first novel.

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Spotting Wildlife at the Gondwana Game Reserve

Many visitors to safari parks opt for large, well known reserves where they are almost guaranteed to see lions and other large animals. But I wanted a different experience: a smaller park where we could go off-road, enjoy the scenery and still have a good chance of seeing a whole…

The Glittering Allure of Cape Town’s Diamond Museum

I’ve never been a jewellery fiend but diamonds are a big part of South Africa’s history. And I’ve been intrigued by the diamond industry ever since I started to plan a novel based, in part, in South Africa. So it seemed logical to pay a visit to the Cape Town…

A Walking Tour of Bo‑Kaap, Cape Town’s Historic Malay Quarter

We were on the slopes of Signal Hill, a stone’s throw from Long Street, the bustling heart of Cape Town. The Table Mountain rose up above the buildings and we were surrounded by lots of brightly coloured houses. This was Bo‑Kaap, the former slave quarter and home to the city’s…

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