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For almost 40 years, Karen Batchelor has been hot on the trail of her ancestors. Through genealogy, she discovered her “extreme ancestry” – Puritans and patriots, slaves and slaveowners, colonial American witches and even ancestors from medieval England. Karen is the first Black member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Still a genealogy nut, Karen is now exploring how historical fiction can help her tell the stories of ancestors who deserve not to be forgotten. Her first effort is The Wethersfield Diaries; the story of a witch hunt in Connecticut 40 years before Salem.

In between genealogy and writing, Karen devours historical fiction, knits and spends moments of joy with her family (the living ones, of course).

From my website

Fearless Females: Best Friends Forever

As a genealogist, I’ve spent a lot of time over the years focused on family. But for generations, women have expanded their families with an important addition – their best friends. My mother, Alice Vivian Batchelor, taught me by example about the extraordinary value of best friends. Her best friend…

52 Ancestors: #9 The Alice Bangles

This post #9 in the 52 Ancestors blog challenge is about my great-grandmother who was a woman from the island of Bermuda named Alice Dickinson. I know she had at least three children – Frederick, Clarissa and Renee. Frederick was my maternal grandfather and he was born in Bermuda on…

52 Ancestors: #8 A Prince of a Man

In this 8th post of the 52 ancestors I’ll write about in 2014, the focus is my great-grandfather, Prince Albert Weaver. I’ve always wondered where he got that name. When he was born November 24, 1860, there was a more famous Prince Albert living, who was the beloved Prince Consort…

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