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Kara Wild grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has always had a passion for fiction writing, and began writing historical fiction when she was a teenager.

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Unpopular Opinion: Take Your Fad Diet and Shove It

Two unpopular opinions in a row?  Can the universe hold?Eh, I was having a bit of a dry spell for a while, unable to think of anything I truly liked or disliked that most other people felt the opposite way about.  Then I remembered one of the most personal aspects…

Unpopular Opinion: I Hate Driving

"Well sure, lots of people dislike driving," you think.No, I hate driving."Sure, lots of people hate traffic jams and speedsters and --"No, I hate driving.  Not just hate it, but fear it.Let me back up a little.  I don't hate all driving.  I actually enjoy driving to some extent, like…

Through An Introvert's Lens: The Brady Bunch

For the previous installment, go here."Why even bother?" you might wonder.  When you think of media portrayal of introverts, could a less likely example come to mind?Sometimes you find introversion, and treatment of introverts, in unexpected places.  And sometimes the examination of lack of introversion can be just as revealing.First,…

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