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Kara Wild grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has always had a passion for fiction writing, and began writing historical fiction when she was a teenager.

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Les Miserables the Movie: The Rewatch

I had no special reason for posting this, except that I decided this past weekend to rewatch the Les Miserables movie, having not watched it for a while.  I was curious to see whether my impressions of it have changed.Overall, while I'm not as wildly over the moon about the Les…

Through an Introvert's Lens: Roseanne

For about its first five seasons, Roseanne (1988-1997) was a revelation.  Those put off by Roseanne Barr's abrasive personality missed one of the few television shows (let alone sitcoms) to portray family and the working class in a realistic manner. You just didn't see shows like this on the air.  Its…

How to Reduce Your Novel By 50,000 Words in 50 Easy Steps

Okay, so it's not quite 50,000 yet, just about 48,000.  My neo-Victorian novel stood at 174,000 words at its longest.  Now it's just under 126,000 and falling.  The goal is to get it as close to 120,000 as possible, or even lower, without killing it.So far, with just under 6,000…

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