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Author of Braha,a tale alternating between a present-day mystery in America and a glimpse of a poverty-stricken German village along the Volga River in early twentieth-century Russia. The latter is based on the little-known group of Germans from Russia, from which I am descended.

Braha has dual narratives, separated by more than a century, and spins a tale of choices and consequences that affected generations of one family. It also explores lost loves and truths, dangerous and hidden. This novel is the first in a three-part mystery series. Currently working on the sequel to Braha,

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Where in the World

© Mopic | Dreamstime.com I recently had a DNA testing done through Ancestry.com. As an avid genealogist and the family historian, it seemed like something I should do to validate my research, proving—as much as that’s possible—my roots. When I first thought about it, it didn’t seem seem like there would be much…

Down the Rabbit Hole

© Elena Schweitzer | Dreamstime.com Genealogy research is a messy endeavor. I started out with the mantra that my research would be thorough and complete, and that my pedigree chart would only contain the most accurate information available. Somewhere down the road the latter part changed to probably mostly accurate information…

Lisette’s Writer’s Chateau

I was invited to be a part of Lisette Brodey’s Writer’s Chateau this week! We talked about Braha and some of the methods to my madness when it comes to writing. I even revealed a few secrets. I hope you will stop by a visit us. If you have other questions I…

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