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Author of Braha,a tale alternating between a present-day mystery in America and a glimpse of a poverty-stricken German village along the Volga River in early twentieth-century Russia. The latter is based on the little-known group of Germans from Russia, from which I am descended.

Braha has dual narratives, separated by more than a century, and spins a tale of choices and consequences that affected generations of one family. It also explores lost loves and truths, dangerous and hidden. This novel is the first in a three-part mystery series. Currently working on the sequel to Braha,

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Balm for the Soul

I was very excited to receive two, new, very positive reviews for Braha over the last couple of weeks. Positive reviews never get old and are always encouraging for authors. If you’ve ever read a book you’ve loved, I strongly urge you to send the author a note on Twitter,…

Journey to the Countryside

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting relatives in New York. It was a trip like none other for me, for it gave this city and suburb girl a taste of living on a historic farm. The house was ┬ámore than 150 years old,…

An Anniversary

September 11 is always a difficult day because of the horrific attack on the twin towers in New York City, the Pentagon, and on the United Airlines flight that ended in a Pennsylvania field. Adding to the chaos of the day, it is also the anniversary of my father’s death.…

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