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Writer living on the coast of Maine. Please contact me if you want information about the Northern New England chapter of the society — I am in the process of setting one up!

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How to Prepare for a “Potentially Historic” Snowstorm

This is from another (smaller) storm…but you get the drift The storm is brewing. “Potentially historic,” the forecasters are saying. “Up to two feet.” In Maine, you grow used to this. The storms and the predictions. The rush to the grocery store for bread and milk. It’s kind of a…

9 Questions: How I Write

“Am I?” Last month my writer friend Kristen Ploetz asked a series of questions in a blog post called Nine Things I Wonder About Other Writers. I answered Kristen’s questions in comments to her blog, but two of my other blogging friends—Nina Badzin and Lindsey Mead—answered the nine questions on their…

Confessions of a Constant Writer

It felt a little like this. Darkness with light around the edges. Last year I had a writing crisis. That’s not completely true. I had a blogging crisis. Based on a cascade of events that I don’t fully understand, my blogging fell off. Almost off the edge of the world,…

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