Julia Munroe Martin

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Writer living on the coast of Maine. Please contact me if you want information about the Northern New England chapter of the society — I am in the process of setting one up!

From my website

On Starting Again, Again

Because wouldn’t you rather look at this amazing sunrise than a blank screen? The blank page (er, screen)… It’s staring me in the face these days. That’s not entirely true. My alter-ego, mystery-writing self J.M. Maison is busy at work on the next book in The Empty Nest Can Be…

The Ramblings of a (Dis)Organzied Writer

My coffee shop subset I am disorganized. Not true. In my mind I am organized—and by this I mean that by nature I’m very organized and can keep everything I need to do in my mind. I’ve never missed an appointment (okay, there was that Easter party my son almost…

11 Coffee Shop Commandments

The RB closed. It’s as simple as that. One day when I got to one of the two coffee shops in town, the guy behind the counter explained—to me and to everyone else in line—that Sunday would be “our last day.” Want to buy a coffee shop? He directed us…

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