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I live in the Midwest and love to write Ancient Rome. I have been a member since HNS came to the States.

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   Happy Birthday MOM. It’s my mother’s birthday. January 31. and it’s the birthday of Red Fury Revolt So this book is my mother’s birthday present, and I think she would as excited as I am about it entering this wonderful world of published books. Red Fury Revolt is a very special story…

A gift to the January born….

Winter Gems January February March * “By her in January born, No gem save Garnets should be worn. They will ensure her constancy True friendship and fidelity.” (Walker) January birthstones- Garnet and Rose Quartz Garnet-Who would want to leave home without this jewel? Noah certainly didn’t. He was said to…

Novel Writing Month in December

Okay. I missed NoNoRiMO or November Novel Writing Month. But I did do  this during October by writing my next draft 18Wheeler, and editing Red Fury Revolt.  I have NOT stopped one second since nor do I expect it to. My house is a mess. Christmas cards not filled out. And I…

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