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Judith Starkston writes novels set in the period of the Trojan War and the Hittite Empire. If you ever wondered how Briseis, the slave of Achilles in the Iliad, could love the man who killed her husband and brothers and destroyed her city, you’ll want to read my manuscript, especially if you like strong women and half-immortal lovers. I received my B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz and my M.A. from Cornell University. I taught high school English, Latin, and humanities for twenty-one years. I have travelled in Turkey and Greece as research for my work and have taken to haunting the university libraries where my children are receiving their expensive educations since they are better than what’s locally available. I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and golden retriever, Socrates.

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Dressing a Trojan or Hittite Queen

Find out how I dress my royal characters from the Trojan and Hittite world--the evidence is a bit unusual!

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