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Born in Lancashire, Judith Barrow has lived in Pembrokeshire,West Wales for nearly forty years.As well as an author she is also a creative writing tutor.Her first history novel, Pattern of Shadows was published by Honno and is a wartime saga, set around the first German POW camp in Britain. The sequel, Changing Patterns was published in May 2013. She is currently working on the third of the trilogy, Ending Pattern, set in the sixties.

Changing Patterns is a gritty post World War II drama set in Pembrokeshire and Lancashire and was Wales Book of the Month, June 2013. it is the sequel to Pattern of Shadows:

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As many of my friends can confirm, it’s not often I’m lost for words. And as my husband  tells people, I talk as much as I write  - too much. Which isn’t very nice but unfortunately true on both counts. If I wrote less waffle I wouldn’t need as much…


WHAT’S IN A DREAM?  Well, let’s find out. Today I am very excited to welcome fellow author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter as a guest on my blog.  One night I had a dream that left me visibly shaken. It went back to my childhood beginnings. The scene was the field behind our housing…

Shawn McGuire: Author of the series, The Wish Makers,

First things first, please introduce yourself.    I’m Shawn McGuire. I write young adult novels.            My début novel, STICKS AND STONES, was released on June 13.    How would you describe your writing? My début series, The Wish Makers, has a contemporary setting with fairly serious coming-of-age issues…

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