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Born in Lancashire, Judith Barrow has lived in Pembrokeshire,West Wales for nearly forty years.As well as an author she is also a creative writing tutor.Her first history novel, Pattern of Shadows was published by Honno and is a wartime saga, set around the first German POW camp in Britain. The sequel, Changing Patterns was published in May 2013. She is currently working on the third of the trilogy, Ending Pattern, set in the sixties.

Changing Patterns is a gritty post World War II drama set in Pembrokeshire and Lancashire and was Wales Book of the Month, June 2013. it is the sequel to Pattern of Shadows:

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Saddleworth Moors

A long time ago I was told that the first rule in writing  memoirs is to be truthful. It’s the only way. To tell your own particular truth, what you see and have seen, what you know and have known. And because you need to hold, and own,  your own…

The Inspiration Behind Pattern of Shadows

Glen Mill was the inspiration for the first of my trilogy: Pattern of Shadows. Glen Mill was one of the first two POW camps to be opened in Britain. A disused cotton mill built in 1903 it ceased production in 1938. At a time when all-purpose built camps were being used by…

KIndle Daily Deal 31st Oct -Pattern of Shadows -Book review – Lancashire Evening News

As Pattern of Shadows is on Kindle Daily Deal, just for today,31st Oct 2014, and because it feels so long ago, I thought I’d send out a small reminder of a review when it first came out. You might need a magnifying glass though! Book review: Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow By Pam…

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