About me

I am a Christian of the Baptist variety and a Reference Librarian at a public library.

My [former] boss gave me the most excellent idea. She said that she has been keeping a blog about the books that she has recently read and her thoughts on those books. So, I’m attempting the feat.

While I am tweaking this site, I do try to consistently do the following:

1.I will provide the citation of the book I am reviewing. These are presented in APA format.
2.I like eye candy and I hope to put in some cool photos of what I’ve been reading.
3.I can’t stand spoilers. I will not tell the endings of books.
4.I have a ratings system of pearls. The best score for a book, in my not so humble opinion, is a 5.
5.Lately, I’ve been hooked on the 1001 Books list. For now, I’m working on the core – the books on all editions.
Please enjoy . . .
– Jorie

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What Did You Read This Week? | Book Riot

What Did You Read This Week? | Book Riot  Check out what readers online have been reading by clicking here. Pretty soon, I’ll be asking readers the same question regarding the month of October. For the October edition, I’ll need those by Friday, 24 October! Thanks!

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