John Peters II

About me

Steven Pressfield’s, Gates of Fire, inspired my love of historical fiction.
It brought to life the battles and legends I’ve studied and always enjoyed in a way I could not have imagined.
I was so inspired, my personal and professional goal changed to taking people on journeys to places and cultures of the ancient past as well as modern times.

From my website

National Geographic's Roman Empire: A Review

National Geographic's Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire is a 126-page special publication filled with photos and a brief overview of the empire. Most of the emperors and major events are touched upon covering many areas from running the empire to the the rise of Christianity to slavery to…

My First Novel Published!

I published my first ebook for sale on! Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore: A Three-Week Road Trip Part guide book, part travelogue, "Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore: A Three-Week Road Trip" details my family's journey from Los Angeles to some of the West's most iconic destinations while discovering a multitude of…

Secret of Kells Review

"The Secret of Kells"┬ácombines history, mythology and beautiful animation to create a fascinating movie about one of Ireland's national treasures. Thomas Moore used 2-D animation for "The Secret of Kells" to depict one of the best known origin myths about the Book of Kells. The animation was bright and fresh…

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