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About me

Steven Pressfield’s, Gates of Fire, inspired my love of historical fiction.
It brought to life the battles and legends I’ve studied and always enjoyed in a way I could not have imagined.
I was so inspired, my personal and professional goal changed to taking people on journeys to places and cultures of the ancient past as well as modern times.

From my website

Roman Aqueduct Hunters

Ever since I saw the 93-foot tall Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain, I have always been fascinated by the ingenuity of the Roman water system. In 2008, Robert Harris in Pompeii wrote in great detail about the water works of the doomed city through the eyes of his protagonist, a hydraulic…

A scientific theory to Moses' parting of the Red Sea

A very interesting essay in The Wall Street Journal about how Moses may have parted the Red Sea without divine intervention. I found Napoleon's similar experience fascinating. A scene from ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ 20TH CENTURY FOX

Flooring the Colosseum

An article in the Los Angeles Times discussed installing a new floor on Rome's iconic Colosseum. That is a bad idea. Tourists by the millions come to view the ancient ruins. Being able to view the pens and chambers that once held animals, supplies, humans and who knows what else…

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