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John D. Cressler is Ken Byers Professor at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, Georgia and an author of both fiction and non-fiction. His debut novel, Emeralds of the Alhambra, an interfaith love story set in fourteenth century Muslim Spain, will be released by Sunbury Press in June of 2013.

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Excerpt from Cressler’s forthcoming novel, Shadows in the Shining City

Excerpt from Shadows in the Shining City by John D. Cressler   Copyright © 2014 John D. Cressler ALL RIGHTS RESERVED   The single-mindedness of his search propels him through the door before he realizes the room is occupied, his sudden surprise jerking him to a sliding, awkward stop. His…

Historical Primer for Shadows in the Shining City

In the Islamic world, the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632 C.E. without a chosen successor led to several decades of bloody internal power struggle, the remnants of which linger to this day in Shiite vs. Sunni tensions. By 661, however, the Sunni Arab Umayyad clan prevailed, and to…

Shadows in the Shining City – Book Two in the Anthems of al-Andalus Series

The Golden Age of Moorish Spain was during the 10th century, a time when the benevolent Syrian Arab Caliphs ruled Iberia from Córdoba, the site of the iconic Great Mosque and home to the Royal Library, one of the largest collections of ancient books ever assembled. 10th century Córdoba was…

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