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Ethnography is one kind of storytelling. Fiction is another. Joan Koster first learned that true living is a mixture of ritual and passion and good food washed down with wine while conducting ethnographic research among Greek shepherds. Now living on a sheep farm in upstate New York, she is finding time to spin the truths she learned into the metaphysical world only possible in fiction.

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Ann Patchett on Playing the Piano

What would you do if you were named one of Time’s 100 most influential people?  For Ann Patchett the choice is to keep writing and run a bookstore – Parnassos Books in Nashville, Tennessee. “I’m never lonely around books,” she has said about bookstores. “It’s the world of endless possibility…

Beryl Markham on Flying

Beryl Markham in 1936 What if you wrote a book, and then people said you didn’t write it, and then people said you did, and then people said it doesn’t really matter anyway. Meet Beryl Markham (1902-1986). Beryl Markham grew up on her father’s horse farm in Kenya. She became…

Augusta Evans Wilson on Facing Sin

Born in 1835 in Columbia, Georgia, Augusta Evans Wilson was the first American woman author to earn over $100,000 until Edith Wharton did so in the 1920s.  She wrote the first of nine novels, Inez: A Story of the Alamo, at the age of fifteen, and her second novel, Beulah, written…

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