Jo Haraf

About me

Jo Haraf lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is active in the local literary scene where she is a Board member of the California Writers Club – Marin Branch.

Jo is spending most of her time in the 1800s working on a fictional biography of Lady Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s only legitimate daughter and the world’s first computer programmer.

From my website

Eight Authors and Me

On December 18th, I received a cheery email containing the “no more than 4,000 words” written by the six ladies in  workshop for my third semester in Pacific University’s MFA program – six talented authors whose prose crackles with conflict and swells with sensual descriptions. A few minutes ago, I…

In Praise of Kindle

Before my literary pals lynch me for advocating anything from Amazon’s evil empire, let the record show that I buy books, cards, gifts, lunch, and even carry-on luggage from my local indie bookstore. But, when it comes to bookish analysis, I’ve discovered that my iPad’s Kindle app better fills my cavernous…

Great Writing Revealed

During the depression, my mother danced for her family’s dinner: ballet, jazz, tap, and once in a burlesque house where she praised the sprays of ostrich feathers hanging on the walls only to be told they weren’t headdresses, they were costumes. But that’s a different blog. Because our mother danced,…

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