JJ Toner

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I write thrillers and publish them as eBooks. My latest is a historical novel set in WW2 Germany, and I am writing its sequel. I write full time and live in Ireland with my wife and youngest son.

From my website

Migrating from windows PC to Apple Mac – day 2

I booked a call with Apple Care – their support team. The way that works, you can schedule a time for them to call you. I booked it for 10 am Monday morning and asked my friend (LR) to come for a visit over the weekend. She agreed to bring…

Migrating from Windows PC to Apple Mac – day 1

When I heard that Microsoft was no longer supporting Windows XP, I checked my options. These consisted of upgrading to W7 or W8 or scrapping my desktop (name of Henry) and buying something else. I checked the upgrade options and they looked too complicated and too uncertain to me, so…

WW2 – The Holocaust: What the German People Knew

One or two readers have questioned why there was no mention in The Black Orchestra of the Holocaust — the Nazis’ so-called ‘Final Solution’. While writing the book, I was acutely aware of the need for accuracy in depicting the extent of common knowledge among the German people of these…

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