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Jessica McCann, a professional freelance writer and novelist, lives with her family in Phoenix, Arizona. Her debut historical novel, All Different Kinds of Free, was awarded the Freedom in Fiction Prize and is available in trade paperback, ebook and audio.

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Writing at a Slow Simmer

Everyone's process for writing a novel is different. My process, I've learned, is like preparing a meal in slow-cooker. It takes a long time for the ideas to simmer before they become appetizing. I wrote about my writing process in a guest post at the ASU Piper Writers Studio blog....

Jessica McCann to Teach Online Historical Fiction Workshop

[Updated from 2/11/2013: Back by popular demand in 2014!] Arizona State University's Piper Center for Creative Writing offers classes open to the public for writers of all skill levels. Its line-up of Spring 2014 workshops includes a four-week online class taught by award-winning historical novelist Jessica McCann. Historians write about...

On Generosity, Gratitude and the Writing Community

Writers often lament how much competition there is in this business. They want to become published, yet they fear doing so will be like diving into a shark tank of rivals. They're looking at it all wrong. Being a writer is more like being adopted into a loving family that...

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