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Jennifer Lamont Leo writes inspirational historical fiction set in the early 20th century. While seeking publication for her first novel, set in 1920s Chicago, she is hard at work on her second, set in 1930s Hollywood. Jennifer is represented by Ann Byle at Credo Communications. An Illinois native, she now lives and writes in the mountains of northern Idaho.

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31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Life, Day 26: Play croquet

Summer may be on the wane, but there are still plenty of warm, sunshiny days to get outside and play. And one activity that’s fun for everyone from young children to Grandma is croquet (crow-KAY), provided you have a level, well mowed lawn to play on. (Alas, I don’t. I…

31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Summer, Day 25: Wear a hat!

Cloche“A straw, felt, or fabric hat of deep crown and narrow brim, usually turned down, covering most of the hair.” I think it’s rather sad that hats have gone so completely out of fashion. Oh, sure, once in a while this or that style makes a brief resurgence, and a…

31 Days of Summer, Day 24: Sail along on “Moonlight Bay”

This very popular song of 1912 has been sung in many, many movies, even Looney Tunes cartoons. Many people recognize the chorus, but the verses are more obscure. A bit more romantic than today’s “I know you wanna be my main chick,” dontcha think? Voices hum, crooning over Moonlight Bay…

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