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Jennifer Lamont Leo writes inspirational historical fiction set in the early 20th century. While seeking publication for her first novel, set in 1920s Chicago, she is hard at work on her second, set in 1930s Hollywood. Jennifer is represented by Ann Byle at Credo Communications. An Illinois native, she now lives and writes in the mountains of northern Idaho.

From my website

The Waltz: A Short Story from Long Ago

Here’s a ghost story I wrote as a college student years ago (dare I admit decades ago?) for a creative writing class assignment. I found it in a box of old papers as I was cleaning a closet, and I thought you might enjoy it. I no longer write ghost…

Students: Is Your School Etiquette Up to Snuff?

For most students, the school year is well underway. Here’s hoping your experience measures up to the standards set by Eleanor Boykin in This Way Please (1940): “In schools all over the country, students have formed etiquette or good-form clubs.” [Ed. note: How's your school's etiquette club going? Thought so.]…

Fall cleaning the way Grandma used to do it

Most homemakers are familiar with spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? I think fall is a great time to do a thorough cleaning. In our rural northern climate, the house has been open all summer, and fresh breezes blowing through open windows and doors carry dust, and dirt has…

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