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Hi there, I’ve been writing all my life and historical fiction is my passion. I have a Masters Degree in the Cultural History of Renaissance England and work as a Period Guide in Shakespeare’s Birthplace. I run a writers’ group aiming to help all our members into print. In previous incarnations I have worked in publishing as an editor, proof-reader and copy editor and copywriter. I have also been a press officer in a PR company. I am currently working on a novel based on my MA dissertation. The story focuses on a female priest harbourer leading up to and during the Gunpowder Plot in England, 1605.

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Time for a change and the Bard’s birthday

Can this really be my first post of 2014?  Well, shame on me!  I seem  to have been bogged down for months, trying to catch up and meeting myself coming the other way.  But I’m conscious that my lack of time seems to be a constant whinge and I’m fed…

Writing historical fiction

I read an interesting article recently about writing historical fiction.  The author, who has recently published her own historical novel, suggests that once you have found your protagonist you should dig deep into their character.  Now this is good advice if you have access to that kind of information but…

Aloha from Hawaii

Instead of sending postcards, I thought it would be more fun to write a blog about my visit to Hawaii.  It’s almost over now but my experience of Big Island (Hawaii Island) is wonderful.  The people here are really friendly, the Island is one of huge contrasts, fabulous beaches, volcanic…

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