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Jeff Rowe makes his living writing about health IT and other healthcare related topics.  After hours, however, he is writing a series of novels that take place in medieval Spain, a time when the culture, politics, and history of the Iberian peninsula were largely defined by the interplay between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.

His first novel, Song of Toledo, is available on Kindle at

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Song of Toledo – Kindle, Nook and Paperback

Song of Toledo, a novel of 11th century Spain. Now available on and Barnes and Noble. Can a man go home again after fighting his own king? The year is 1086, and for Brother Bernardo, who is accompanying the new archbishop of Toledo from the great monastery at Cluny…

Religious toleration: In the eyes of the beholder?

The period of “convivencia” in medieval Spain is often looked to as, if not a perfect model, at least an example of how different cultural and religious traditions can co-exist.   An example, in a word, of how potentially conflicting communities can “tolerate” each other. But what does “toleration” mean? Evan…

Freedom and Religion: Is it Either/Or?

Pick up a newspaper on any given day and you’re bound to find an article describing a clash between some form of secular political power and a religious institution. In the West, these episodes play out, at least for the most part, in courts or legislative bodies. But that has…

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