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USA TODAY Bestselling author Jeannie Lin is known for writing groundbreaking historical romances set in Tang Dynasty China. Her novels have received multiple awards and starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.

Interestingly enough, her worst subject in high school was history. Probably because Asian history was compressed down to two paragraphs about inventing paper and building the Great Wall.

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Historical Heroes: I’m a teacher not a fighter – UPDATED

UPDATE: After my initial offer, a few other authors have offered critiques. Alisha Rai, contemporary erotic romance author, is offering to critique for anyone with an Indian hero. She may not write historicals, but she knows about bringing the hotness. … Continue reading →

What’s old is new again + Giveaway

I’ve been in a reflective mood lately, thinking of how with six full length novels out (and another already turned in), I’m still pretty new at this publishing thing, but at the same time, six books ain’t nothing to sniff … Continue reading →

The Lotus Palace battling it out in DABWAHA

What is DABWAHA? It’s a March Madness tournament where it’s book vs. book, friend vs. friend in a no-holds barred throwdown fought for….well, pretty much bragging rights and books. Prizes are given each round and there’s even consolation prizes for … Continue reading →

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