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Jean Wilson Murray has been writing non-fiction and teaching for over 30 years. She has several published non-fiction books, but is now expanding into fiction, specifically historical novels set in the U.S.

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What Does the Author Owe the Reader? Questions about The Buried Giant

Just read The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro, and I have a lot of questions. What in the world was the author trying to say? Should I be worried because I don’t know? Or should he? The story is about … Continue reading →

Enhancing Your Writing Creativity – Be Mindful!

Today I came back from my walk on the beach in a creative mood. I was able to dig into my novel and my mind seemed to be aware of nothing except my characters and what was happening to them. … Continue reading →

Why Reading Inspires Me as a Writer

What inspires you to write, to write better, to write more? For me, it seems there are three reading experiences that inspire me: reading great writing, reading interesting stories, and reading writing how-to books. In this post, I’m going to … Continue reading →

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