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Janet has published a hardcover book, called “Glitz of the Hamptons,” about an aging character who’s lost on a journey home, showing the true beauty of the Hamptons known for its affluence and glamour, reminding us that all that glitters is not gold. Janet Berg’s work has been featured in Dan’s Papers, The Southampton Press, The Independent, The Montauk Quarterly, and was interviewed on WHTV Television show.

She has completed her first novel, “Rembrandt’s Shadow,” based on stunning true life events of her family. Raised in pre-WWII, Holland, Sylvie Rosenberg, the privileged daughter of a renowned Jewish art dealer, spends the first fourteen years of her childhood without ever knowing her father’s love. Until the day that he traded one of his beloved masterpieces to the Nazis in exchange for her life. (* Written about in the New York Times, Heirs Make Huge Claim Over Dutch Art Trade.)

Also, in progress is her sequel titled “Restitution.”

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After I graduated Stew School from Capitol International Airways on June 18, 1971, I got to fly all over the world. It was during the glamour days of flying – little white gloves, shoulder-padded blue skirt suits, coiffed hairdos, and broad smiles. At 22, I was fearless and faced turbulence…


The giant dead tree stood alone in the empty field like a big wart on the middle of one’s forehead. I was impressionable, only about four or five years old at the time, but my memory of the deformed tree is all too clear. I can still picture it, over…


As a child, the grass in our backyard was a vivid shade of green, and the sky a deep blue. Our family life was like living in a colorful water globe that changed hues with each passing year. The modest brick ranch we lived in was our castle, placed inconspicuously…

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