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THE DIM (Young Adult Time Travel)
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It finally Happened!!!!! (Subtitled: My BIG News)

TweetHello, my loyal readers. Are all three of you sitting down? I hope so, cause I’ve got news!!! Do you have your dancing shoes on? (Of course, if you’re sitting, you won’t necessarily need your dancing shoes…Hmm. I’m torn now..) Oh well.. Sit or stand. Your call.. ANYHOO. It finally happened!!! I…

London Part 2

TweetHello dear readers, I hope all three of you are having a lovely week so far. (Especially you, Mom!)   Last week, I wrote a bit about my “time travel” experience, visiting historical sites in London.  And though no other place on earth gives me metaphorical ‘wood’ quite like London, with its thousand-year-old castles…

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