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I’m a fledgling historical writer, self-publishing my first novel in 2012. I owe my love of historical fiction to my mother; the fact that she named me after Jane Eyre doomed me to love all things 19th century. I’ve had a number of freelance and in-house writing/translating jobs over the years, but went fully freelance in 2009.

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Life's (messy) joys

Photo credit: Roxanne727 on FreeImages.comSome of you may know that I have two daughters. I codename them Orangina and Wasabi on this blog, out of respect for their privacy, and I don’t tend to post about them a whole lot nowadays. That’s partly because the focus of my blog gradually…

The dumbest writing advice I've ever heard

Photo credit: ugaldew at FreeImages.comLet's face it, some of the writing advice that floats around the internet is pretty dumb. Here's the one that really gets my knickers in a twist:Don’t read other people’s work when you’re writing, because it will influence your voice.Whoever thought that one up was an…

Writing with an English accent

Photo credit: Mart1n on FreeImages.comThis post on the Alliance of Independent Authors blog fascinated me to the point where, instead of leaving a ridiculously long comment, I decided to blog about it instead.And that led me to the conviction that I’ve blogged about my Englishness before. And that led me…

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