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I’m a fledgling historical writer, self-publishing my first novel in 2012. I owe my love of historical fiction to my mother; the fact that she named me after Jane Eyre doomed me to love all things 19th century. I’ve had a number of freelance and in-house writing/translating jobs over the years, but went fully freelance in 2009.

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The one marketing ploy authors need to walk away from*

*Yes, I KNOW the correct grammar for that sentence. But if I used it, I’d sound like a stuffy elitist dinosaur. So if you hopped onto this page to correct me, I hope you’ll read on.All kinds of crazyThere’s all kinds of crazy going on in the book world right…

The best apps for productive writers

Image credit: Hoboton at FreeImages.comI have a firm conviction that if only I could find the right app for every occasion and link them all together, all I’d ever have to do is write and the productivity would take care of itself. I’m not there yet, but here’s a quick…

The Historical Novel Society's 2014 Conference

London . . . rooms full of writers of historical fiction . . . wall-to-wall book chat . . . are you envious yet? I just got back from the Historical Novel Society’s London conference bursting with enthusiasm for my favorite genre and not quite sure how I’m going to…

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