Jane Steen

About me

I’m a fledgling historical writer, self-publishing my first novel in 2012. I owe my love of historical fiction to my mother; the fact that she named me after Jane Eyre doomed me to love all things 19th century. I’ve had a number of freelance and in-house writing/translating jobs over the years, but went fully freelance in 2009.

From my website

Death and rebirth of a blogger

I began this blog on January 1, 2009, in the way many neophytes do: I signed up for a Blogger account, grabbed a theme (it was green) and wrote a post. At the time the longest thing I’d ever written was my master’s thesis, and if you’d told me that…

How I'm learning to love marketing

Biting the lemon...I hate marketing.There, I’ve said it. Actually, I typed “I hate marketing” into Google and found I’m not the only one. Why do I love to write, am deeply motivated to get my writing in front of as many readers as possible, and yet am reluctant to take…

Counter-intuitive productivity boosts for my (and your) writing life

Every so often I return to the topic of productivity, because like most writers I never feel I’m productive enough. I know that the most successful indie writers—those who make a full-time living from their writing—have an unbelievable work ethic, producing books at the rate of four or more a…

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