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James D. Shipman is the author of “Constantinopolis,” a novel of the fall of Constantinople. Mr. Shipman has a degree in history from the University of Washington. “Constantinopolis” has ranked as high as #76 in historical fiction at Amazon.com.

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Snohomish Historical Society

I’m looking forward to my upcoming meeting with the Snohomish Historical Society. I’ve arranged a research session to go over maps and other archives from World War II Snohomish. I’ve already interviewed a couple people about life in Snohomish during the war and I’m excited to see what I may…

The University of Konigsberg: A Renaissance Institution Faded Away

I am conducting research on pre World War II Konigsberg. An interesting issue I came across was the end of the University of Konigsberg after World War II. The university was founded in 1544 and was closed after World War II when this part of Germany was transferred to the…

Starting to Write My World War II Series!

I’m so excited to begin work on STURM (Storm), my seven book series on World War II. My father, who passed away last Halloween started feeding me history books when I was a little boy. He loved the civil war but I was naturally drawn to World War II. At…

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