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James Bicheno is a writer of historical fiction and poetry and has dabbled in microfiction, short stories and scriptwriting. He has a BA (Hons) in History, an Undergraduate Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in Creative Writing.

James has written two novels, one is the beginning of a series set during the Viking Age and the second is a stand-alone book set shortly after the Russian Revolution. He is currently seeking representation while he is writing his third novel, set in an alternative history.

James keeps a blog and is currently doing a ‘Read Through History.’ Check it out to see what it’s all about!

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Festival of Writing 2014 Scene Eight: Hold Back the Monster

Jeremy Sheldon showed us how horror can influence any kind of fiction writing. Horror has potential and expectation that keeps the watcher/reader guessing and keeps building and releasing tension as the story unfolds. There are three propositions in horror: the monster (not the hero), holding back and the monster that…

Festival of Writing 2014 Episode Seven: Futurcast 2014

The following is being written on a tablet balanced on some drying washing and I’m still getting used to the touch screen keyboard. I’m also cooking a meatball curry so I’ll be dashing between here and the cooker every-so-often. Sunday Morning kicked off with a discussion on the future of…

Festival of Writing 2014 Act Six: The Shark and the Iceberg

Shelley Harris introduced us to how to be brilliant at backstory and used a quote from Jeremy Sheldon saying a story was a shark: it needed moving in order to stay alive. Backstory has everything the reader needs to know to understand the story. Objects are a good way of…

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