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Diplomate of Academie St.Cere’ France and University of Texas Law School. Author of French Letters Series, Virginia’s War (Runner up Best Novel of the South and Romantic Novels with a Twist)and Engaged in War, Finalist Best Fiction London Book Festival, 1st Place Indie Excellence, 2d Place Stars and Flags; Author of the Year 2012 Military Writers Society of America. Author of writing series A Novel Approach and On the Nightstand, a review of books that keep me awake or put me to sleep. Married to wife, Alice, two sons and a daughter, and encouraged by JuneBug the cat.

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A Short History of Time, and Motion

© 2015Jack Woodville London      “That’s no good,” he said.  “You have to stretch the ITB to open up the adductor magnus and gastrocnemius.  They’re key to glycogen replacement.”  He demonstrated, then smiled knowingly while I tried to follow.  “And don’t bounce.   Posers bounce.”      I put one…

On the Nightstand: Of Winter Days and Longer Nights

  The New Year has arrived with all its baggage.  Chill winds.  Clouds low on the horizon. Garden flowers pleading to be pruned.   Junebug demanding to be let out, then back in, then back out.  But winter is not all grim and wet, by no means.  The shorter days mean longer…

The Letter From a Caring Stranger– Family of Melvin Callaway, August, 1945

A town in Denmark under German occupation put itself at grave risk to honor and respect the sacrifice of Airman Melvin Callaway and, when the war ended, to find his family.  

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