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J. R. Tomlin’s historical novels, set in Medieval Scotland, include Freedom’s Sword, A Kingdom’s Cost, and Countenance of War. Born in Texas, Ms. Tomlin spent much of her childhood traveling between South Texas and Edinburgh, Scotland. She is now a resident of Oregon but frequently returns to family roots in Scotland.

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Playing on my iPod

I've been lazy about posting whilst I'm writing my next novel, so I thought I'd just share what is playing on my iPod.It's available on iTunes if you love it Iron Sky as much as I do.

The rank stench of those bodies haunts me still

There are plans in the UK for celebrating the beginning of Word War I this autumn, a war in which there were more than 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded. It is an odd thing to celebrate, to put it mildly, but I thought I would join in, if…

A New Novel from Caddy Rowland: House of Pleasure

My good friend Caddy Rowland has a new novel out today, and it looks marvelous. I haven't read it yet since it's just out but her Gastien series was fantastic so I feel safe recommending that you check out House of Pleasure.Episode 1 of There Was a House saga, a…

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