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My debut novel, Freedom First, Peace Later was published in 2010. This novel is centered around the troubles in Northern Ireland in the eighties. My second novel, Worlds Apart, was published in 2013 and takes the reader on a journey from Africa to The South of France, through Australia and the Yorkshire Moors. I am currently editing my third novel, The Intelligence of Ravens, which explores the two very different lives that a brother and sister went on to lead after their Polish ghetto was invaded in 1942.

From my website

The Power of the Tower.

About twelve years ago a work colleague gave me a box of unwanted books to look through. Already a massive Stephen King fan, it was in the box that I came across three King books I’d not heard of. They were rather old, but excellent condition 1982, 1987 and 1991…

New Year Honours List

The start of a new year led me to thinking back over my favourite parts of 2012. Most of which, had something or other to do with literature!So after realising that I've had my Kindle (best invention in the world) for one year, I was able to see exactly how…

The Reappearance of Ffyona Campbell!

What a week it has been. Having enjoyed a fabulous break at EuroDisney I returned home ready to concentrate completely on the first edits for my upcoming novel Worlds Apart. I was thrown slightly by a friend request on Facebook that I never expected in a million years. Those who…

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