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J. Lynn Rowan fell in love with writing and history at an early age, and by the time she entered high school, she had decided to combine the two. Her current work in progress is a historical romance set during the American Civil War, of which she is an avid student.

When she is not writing or researching, she teaches elementary school near Syracuse, New York.

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Remembering What I’m Doing Here

This past week has been something of a comedy of errors around here. Babycakes has been suffering through her very first cold (at least we made it six months without any illnesses at all), which has included a fever and such bad post-nasal drip that she’s gagged and thrown up…

10 Things You Realize By the Time Baby is Six Months Old

It’s hard to believe that Babycakes is six months old on Saturday. I mean, where did the time go? Six months ago and some change ago, she was just this wiggly little Someone in my not-so-little baby bump, and now she’s an actual person! Watching her grow and learn and change…

Debating With Myself About Sleep Training

I really can’t complain too much about how well Babycakes sleeps. I’ve mentioned before that she’s always been a bit of a crappy napper (other than the three days we were in the hospital), but besides the first night home when the hubs and I had no clue what the…

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