J. Boyce Gleason

About me

After a 25-year career in crisis management and public affairs, J. Boyce Gleason began writing historical fiction and has published his first novel ANVIL OF GOD, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles. With an AB in history from Dartmouth College, Gleason brings a strong understanding of the past to his historical fiction. He is married, has three sons and lives in Virginia.

From my website

A Late Night Visitor, Wearing Red

It was late.  The kids had all gone home and I was left with twenty plates of the famous Gleason Family Christmas Cookies, awaiting delivery.  They now occupied every available space in the kitchen and dining room.  My feet were sore.  My back was sore and I was too tired…

My Mom’s Corona

I have a typewriter.  It’s sits on a bookshelf in my office next to a few of my favorite collected first editions.  An old metal collapsible Corona, it’s a Spartan-looking machine with two tin spools that stretch an ink-laden ribbon across the face of its carriage. Individual metal keys labeled…

Pete’s Stationary Store

During my formative years, downtown Briarcliff Manor was about a block and a half long.  Despite its diminutive size, it had just about everything anyone could want.  There was a pharmacy, a dentist, a record store, a diner, a liquor store, Joe Weldon’s deli, a gift shop, and Pete’s. The…

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