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Audio giveaway

Hooray! Amazon has finally fixed the glitch that prevented the audio version of HETAERA: Daughter of the Gods (narrated by the fabulous Sherill Turner) from linking up on the book page. Now all versions are listed. Happy days! To celebrate, I’m offering a FREE copy of the audio release on Audible…

The Master Speaks

Yoda crushes it with his wisdom. And he’s a pretty awesome jedi, too! Sometimes, Yoda nails it. Words have meaning. What we say, we become. This is a mantra even of self-improvement gurus, but it goes double for authors. I was chatting with someone at a local writers meeting who…

Where in the world is….

Thrace! Some readers have commented to me privately that they weren’t exactly sure where Doricha, the protagonist of HETAERA: Daughter of the Gods, hailed from. Originally, Dori was from Thrace, an area northeast of Greece with somewhat nebulous borders. Thracian people were roughly segregated into tribes or villages and are…

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