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I taught 19th century English literature for many years so when I decided to begin writing,this was the period that attracted me most. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable, particularly doing the research needed to portray settings as authentically as possible.

In the last two years I’ve published three Regency romances with Harlequin. They were great fun to write. Recently, though, I’ve spread my wings a little with Walking Through Glass, a mystery romance which tells parallel stories set in two time periods: contemporary London and the London of 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition.

Next up is a novel set in India during the late 1930s, at a time when the Raj was under severe pressure. Some great reading in store!

From my website

The Crystal Cage

I've just finished the copy edits of The Crystal Cage, the first novel I've written under my new writing name of Merryn Allingham. It's a book which has taken a long time to see the light of day but I always knew it would be published. It was just too…

Come and Write History in Brighton

Before my first novel was accepted by a publisher - and it was  the first novel I'd ever written - I went on a writing course to Tuscany. Italy, of course, was the main attraction, but I did get a good deal out of the course. It helped to keep…

The Perils of Trilogy Writing!

I’m currently writing the third draft of Dangerous Phoenix and as usual, this revision is focussed on style alone. But things aren’t working out like that. I have a problem and it’s one, I think, that’s specific to writing a series. Maybe specific to writing a trilogy which has as its…

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