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I am in my mid twenties, working on my Masters degree in History: Ancients and Classics, and currently work for the the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. When I’m not working, I’m probably doing one of the following: reading, cooking/baking, traveling, or hanging out with my boyfriend and our two cats.

I started my blog, The Maiden’s Court, in May 2009 as a creative outlet for my reading and it has completely taken me to new places. I love sharing my reading and the things that I learn and meeting/talking with others who share the same interest.

From my website

Announcing this Week: Charles Lindbergh Week

I haven’t had a theme week in a very long time and upon reading Lindbergh by A. Scott Berg I had so many avenues that I wanted to explore that I knew this was the perfect time for another theme week.  So I give you, the Charles Lindbergh week! This…

Lindbergh in Song

Many events in history inspire songs – and Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean is no exception.  Within 2 days of his landing in Paris several songs were already on the market – the first being “Lucky Lindy” by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Abel Baer.  Within a short…

The Lindberghs in Print

I knew a little about the Lindbergh’s prior to reading Lindbergh by A. Scott Berg; however, I had no idea that either Charles or Anne had written anything. Apparently they were quite prolific!!! Charles wrote on a wide variety of subjects – his iconic flight, of course, but also everything…

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