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I am a living historian with the Baltimore Light Artillery and a former volunteer with Harpers Ferry National Historial Park in both living history and archaeology.

I write New Adult romance about the Civil War. I also write about the Edwardian era and World War II.

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Sass, accounts payable, and the one where I lose my cool

You may remember from this post when The Toddler got corn stuck in his nose.  For the second time, actually, but in short, we ended up taking him to Urgent Care to see if a medical professional could extract the corn in a medically professional way.  She couldn’t.  In fact,…

Take that, Productivity! Random Contemporary is finished!

In a stunning display of time management, I blew my previously heralded deadline of “finishing Random Contemporary by the end of the month” out of the water and finished it Sunday night.  Here’s what I’ve been doing since then: light editing and sleeping.  I stayed up until after midnight Friday, 2:30am…

Tandem parenting and other weekend notes

I was called a fast talking Yankee yesterday.  It was probably true. Here in the slums of Western Pennsylvania, the weather has morphed from gray skies and nonstop snow to gray skies and nonstop rain.  Statistically speaking, it’s always overcast here.  That’s how you can tell the kids from Western…

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