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Gwendolyn’s debut novel, The Memory Painter, is coming 4/28/15 from Picador.

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A Memory Painter Playbuzz Quiz – How Old Is Your Soul?

My publisher created this fun online quiz inspired by the book. Answer a few questions and see how old is your soul… Click here to play!    

Audiobook Preview – When Bryan meets Linz!

This morning I just heard the preview from the Audiobook with Will Damron narrating. It’s the opening of Chapter 4 where Bryan first meets Linz. (They’re at a museum exhibit.) I really can’t wait to hear the whole thing. It’s coming from Blackstone Audio and will be out 4/28 as well.…

Exclusive Excerpt at

Well this was a fun Friday surprise. just posted an exclusive excerpt from THE MEMORY PAINTER.  Click here and register on their site to read it. Cheers! Gwen

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