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Author of the bestselling RAVEN saga and The Bleeding Land. Signed to Transworld.

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History Live!

I am taking part in History Live 2014 Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th July 2014 – come and join us!  I will be talking about how I wrote my recent book, God of Vengeance, including my research trip to Norway where I got to row ‘the largest replica Viking ship built in modern…

Back With A Vengeance

So I’ve jumped back aboard my longship. After a two-book sojourn in the 17th century, amongst Roundheads and Cavaliers, flashing blades, flaring muskets, horseflesh and the carnage of set-piece battles, I’ve packed my sea chest and turned my bristles into the salt spray once more – God Of Vengeance is now available…

Read My New Interview with BBC’s History Revealed

After the success of his Raven trilogy, Giles Kristian has returned to the Viking era with his new novel, God of Vengeance. The author has always been interested in the Vikings, thanks in part to having a Norwiegan mum and spending a lot of time in the fjords of Norway. We ask him…

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