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“Show Stopper” Nominated by ITW!

Imagine my surprise when I saw a tweet congratulating me on my nomination. “Whut?” It *was* April Fool’s Eve. Cruel prank or honest mistake? But it turned out to be true. True! My short story “Show Stopper” (about killer Soviet fashion) which appeared in Mystery Writers of America Presents ICE…

2014: the year of “Show Stopper”

2014 was a very good year for my short story “Show Stopper.” The story is about killer Soviet fashion during the Cold War and is set during the 1959 Soviet Exhibition in New York City. Think MAD MEN but with an all female cast and murder. First, it was selected…

“One for the Road” Podcast

For your listening pleasure…. My short story “One for the Road” which was published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue is now a podcast. It went live today and can be downloaded here: It’s free to all courtesy of AHMM and Dell Magazines. (Thanks guys!)…

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