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I was raised on both coasts and straight down the middle of America, where the cobblestone streets of Old Town Alexandria, the wild prairies and outlaws of Kansas, and the rolling hills of San Francisco inspired my thirst for history. Luckily, I was able to grow up and continue slake this passion with the best job in the world: writing historical fiction. I live with my family in Northern California with incredibly possessive and territorial cat, a perpetually disastrous kitchen, and a house full of books.

From my website

An Historical Halloween

A round up of a few Halloween history posts! Halloween in Gilded Age America Halloween Paradoxes from 1912 Dennison’s Bogie Book of Halloween Haunted Mansion of the Gilded Age: Thornewood Halloween For Adults: A Scary History A History of Halloween Celebrations at the White House A Cloying Kernel of Evil:…

Haunted Edwardian Manor Houses

Burton Agnes Hall It is not easy to say offhand which is the most famous of all the haunted houses of the kingdom, if one regards them strictly from the point of view of their reputation for ghostliness. But perhaps we should not be far wrong if we gave the…

An Edwardian Music Primer

Lily Elsie A Twitter follower asked a great question about music in the Edwardian era, which alerted me to this gap on Edwardian Promenade. I’ve blogged a lot about ragtime and a little about the opera and musical theatre of the period, but have yet to draw them together–until now.…

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