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As a professor of history who has begun writing fiction, I plan to explore the historical fiction genre in the near future. It’s where I started out, but then went the PhD route instead, and now I’m coming back to it. The book I tried to write 20 years ago was titled Full Circle. Now I see that as ironic. You have to go the distance to see where you’ve been, right?

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Sphere of public opinion is shrinking in France

  There is an old saying:  in France, you can say what you like as long as you think like everyone else, and in Germany you can think what you like as long as you speak like everyone else. It is one of those vile shorthands for cultural traits that…

Amazon vs. Hachette: not so much about the books

The Amazon-Hachette standoff sank to a new low yesterday with the email sent to Kindle Direct Publishing authors urging them to harass Hachette into conceding to lower book prices. The letter seemed to have been written by a young country lawyer, so awkward was its argument and so false several…

Mississippi of the Middle East

I’m just back from a road trip through Mississippi, which is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, wherein hundreds of young people from around the country joined in an organized effort to help register African-Americans to vote. They put themselves between the hidebound conservatives determined to maintain a Jim…

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