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Elizabeth Loupas lives near the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Her books (so far) are THE SECOND DUCHESS, set in 16th-century Ferrara, and THE FLOWER READER, set in 16th-century Scotland.

She hates housework, cold weather, and wearing shoes. She loves animals, gardens, and popcorn. Not surprisingly she lives in a state of happy barefoot chaos with her delightful and faintly bemused husband (the Broadcasting Legend™), her herb garden, her popcorn popper, and two beagles.

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Brilliant Company

The Red Lily Crown finds itself in some pretty terrific company on this list from reviewer Kayla Posney at The Examiner:   The Top Ten Historical Novels of 2014   I’ve actually already read several of them, and the rest are going on my TBR list posthaste. Congratulations to all!

Old Favorites

Have been re-reading old favorites for the past few weeks. This fascinating study:   Favorite TV Reruns May Have Restorative Powers, says UB Researcher   …does ramble on and on about television, but if you keep reading you’ll come to the phrase “re-read a favorite book.” Yes! I’ve always felt…

Open Link to The Chimera Jewel

  Now free for everyone—the short story originally published in My Weekly magazine, and set in the world of The Second Duchess!   “The Chimera Jewel” by Elizabeth Loupas   Here’s the thumbnail sketch My Weekly used to describe the story: “In sixteenth-century Ferrara, a magnificent jewel empowers two very…

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