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When Elizabeth Jane Corbett isn’t writing, she works as a librarian, teaches Welsh and blogs at http:// elizabethjanecorbett.com. She is a reluctant gym member, a lover of red shoes, good coffee, dark chocolate, commuter cycling and, of course, historical fiction. In 2007, an early draft of her historical novel, Chrysalis, was short-listed for a manuscript development award. In 2009, her short story, Beyond the Blackout Curtain, won the Bristol Short Story Prize. More recently, her short story, The Wharfie, received a Highly Commended in the inaugural Boroondara Short Story competition. She has recently completed a complete re-draft her historical novel and is working on final edits prior to submission.

From my website

The theory of everything – a few thoughts

Prior to seeing The Theory of Everything I knew three things about Stephen Hawking: He’s a well known scientist Due to a disability he speaks with an American computer generated voice (the later gleaned from episodes of the Big Bang Theory) His book, A brief history of time: from the…

Tracking fitness – the ongoing saga

After flushing my brand new Misfit Flash down the toilet, I found myself in the market for a new fitness tracker. I couldn’t simply replace the Flash. You can only buy the more expensive MisFit Shine in Australia. I went to the shop with a new set of criteria. Low…

Flint – a blood red tale by Margaret Redfern

Having stumbled across Honno the Welsh women’s press and and devoured Margaret Redfern’s novel The storyteller’s granddaughter, I set out to find out what else this indpendant small press had published and, more to the point, what other books Redfern had written. To my delight, I learned that Redfern’s earlier…

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