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Taking Long Looks

People without hope not only don’t write novels…they don’t read them. They don’t take long looks at anything. —Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners I detest most games, especially board (or is it bored?) games. Even as a child, as the rest of my siblings and cousins eagerly gathered around our…

My Mom, the Storyteller

Most writers seem to come from families of voracious readers. I am not one of those writers. Mom and I at a pub in Galway, Ireland. Not a book in sight. Unlike me, my mother would much prefer a good Masterpiece Theater or some witty conversation to reading a book.…

The Power of a Good Book

Trisha Yearwood had a hit a few years back, “The Song Remembers When.” Music has the power to place you back in a certain time in a unique way. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find that to be true with books as well. I can look at my bookcase…

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