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After a lot of consideration, I have changed the title of Ancient Wrath to Shadow of Athena. It was suggested to me that “Ancient Wrath” sounds as if it is about warriors and wars. Also, the “ancient” was confusing. Did it refer¬†to a wrath that was ancient to our hero…

A Map for ANCIENT WRATH: The Ancient Aegean World circa 700 B.C.

Graphic artist Carol Collier produced this map of the Aegean circa 700. B.C., to accompany¬†ANCIENT WRATH when it is published, so that readers can trace Marpessa and Arion’s journeys through the world of Archaic Greece. Click on the map to enlarge it. The publication of ANCIENT WRATH is set for…

ANCIENT WRATH Accepted for Publication

After years of unsuccessfully seeking an agent for ANCIENT WRATH, I decided to try my luck by going directly to small, independent publishers. The first one I tried was Knox Robinson Publishing, which specializes in, among other things, historical novels, historical romance, and fantasies. They asked for my complete manuscript,…

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