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Author of Saxon series ‘The Wolf Spear Sagas’ commencing with ‘Wulfsuna’, currently out to agents. Scriptwriter of Grime-Noir short film ‘Deception’, which has been nominated for the American Online Film Awards 2014. Reader of Saxon, Viking and supernatural adventures. Former Aromatherapist and lover of family and nature.

From my website

I've been a little busy recently, so my blog has been a rather serene forest. I do bring good news though, so I hope you will forgive the lull. The first book in my 'Wolf Spear Saga' series required a final edit, which has not long been completed. Then, as…

'Meet My Main Character' - a blog hop

Another blog hop! I do love doing these and reading everyone else's 'hops'. It's so interesting to see what other writers are up to and glean an insight into their writing world. This time I've been tagged by a fellow Dark Ages author Matthew Harffy. Matthew is currently writing a…

Antagonist or Protagonist?

ANTAGONIST: An opponent or adversary opposing action of anotherPROTAGONIST: Principal character, supporter of a cause, from Greek = First ActorRecently, whilst working on my WIP, I examined principal character interaction to solve some issues. Something interesting revealed itself. Let me explain (keeping names aside so as not to reveal plot…

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