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Edward is a Review Editor for Historical Novels Review. He lives in Cheltenham where he retired after a varied career, including being an official of the EU Commission in Brussels and advising several governments on the reform of their social welfare systems. He has published 3 books but so far no HF.

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The Hopeful Travellers

THE HOPEFUL TRAVELLERS describes how I returned to England with a party of illegal immigrants after being stranded in Hong Kong by the cancellation of the ‘bucket shop’ flight that was to have brought me home from my crazy journey to the Far East in 1970.  For further details go…


Avalon Graphics have sent me some suggestions for the cover of one of my forthcoming Tudor epics, ‘Freedom’s Pilgrim’, based on the story of Miles Philips, recounted by Richard Hakluyt in his Navigations and Discoveries.  Without my telling you about it, what sort of a story does it suggest to you?…

The Flying Norseman

Wandering airliners are in the news, so I decided to post a brief memoir of my first venture into long-haul flight in 1970 (I went to America and back in the sixties by sea, returning on the last voyage of the Empress of England).  It was my swansong as an academic,…

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