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Edward is a Review Editor for Historical Novels Review. He lives in Cheltenham where he retired after a varied career, including being an official of the EU Commission in Brussels and advising several governments on the reform of their social welfare systems. He has published 3 non-fiction books and so far one historical novel, ‘Freedom’s Pilgrim’ published on Amazon Kindle(see my blog)

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Auto de Fe

Today we recoil at the idea of public executions, but imagine a public holiday called to  celebrate a mass condemnation and sentencing of scores of prisoners, culminating in a series of executions by burning at the stake.  This was an Auto de Fe, an ‘Act of Faith’ organised by the…

The Wall – A Novel

‘A novel like few others’.  My review of A G Adler’s holocaust novel is now posted on the Historical Novel Society website at historicalnovelsociety.org/the-wall-by-h-g-adler-now-available-in-english/

England’s Homer

Not long ago the author Judith Starkston (Hand of Fire, Fireship Press) kindly invited me to contribute a guest contribution to her blog.  It was a piece about Richard Hakluyt, the Elizabethan chronicler who inspired me to write my series of novels based on stories in his book Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques…

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