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Author of forthcoming Saxon saga ‘Wulfsuna’ published by SilverWood Books (release: January 2015). ‘Wulfsuna’ is the first in the ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series where the ancient saga weaves its chaos into the lives of Saxon warriors and a young female Seer. Elaine is a reader of Saxon, Viking and supernatural adventures, former Aromatherapist and lover of family and nature.

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The Hand Axe & Early Saxon Warfare

Hand axes have been with us for millennia, through the Stone and Bronze Ages, since man first crafted a tool. The precursor to the modern steel axe, flinted objects were used in everyday life for killing prey on the hunt, stripping meat from a carcass and for carving bone into…

'The Wolf Talk' by Shaun Ellis - A Review

REVIEW OF ‘THE WOLF TALK’ BY SHAUN ELLISA Tool for Research on 'Wulfsuna'            For me, this book began as a casual dip into research on wolf behaviour, intended to supplement a character profile. I anticipated a light read that would provide me with insights into the ways wolves move and…

I've been a little busy recently, so my blog has been a rather serene forest. I do bring good news though, so I hope you will forgive the lull. The first book in my 'Wolf Spear Saga' series required a final edit, which has not long been completed. Then, as…

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