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I am a long-time reader of historicals and mythopoeic literature. While I worked as a tech writer, I buried myself in literature from periods that interest me and in long historicals like Dorothy Dunnet’s. I am now writing the Accidental Heretics series under the pen name E. A. Stewart, focusing on the mini cultural Renaissance of the 13th Century in the Languedoc and the crusade that destroyed it.

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Castèl de Menerba: A Closer Look

You can explore details of Castèl de Menerba, a key location in Trebuchets in the Garden (Book II), on the excellent Cathar Castles site. The site also has an excellent new page on little-known Castèl de Les Cassés Vielh. The pictures of Minerve from Cathar Castles (like the one shown on…

Notes for Accidental Heretics – free downloads

In response to requests from several readers, the second editions of Bone-mend and Salt and Trebuchets in the Garden include a glossary and maps. If you read the first edition, you can read or download these notes: Notes for Accidental Heretics - glossary and place names Heretics Resource List – detailed…

WIP: Crux Lunata (Accidental Heretics #3)

I’m working on a third book in the Accidental Heretics series. Following the timeline from when my heroes last escaped being burned as heretics, Tomas the mercenary journeys into the heart of Al-Andalus in advance of the Reconquista army. I vowed (to myself) that for sanity’s sake that, unlike the first…

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