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Dorothy Johnston is an Australian novelist, short story writer and reviewer, with eight published novels to date. She is relatively new to historical fiction, and keen to develop her understanding and appreciation.

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CP Cavafy’s prose poem ‘The Ships’

I’ve just come across a brilliant prose poem, ‘The Ships’ by Constantine Cavafy. Judging by the number of English translations on the official Cavafy website, the work is well known, but I’m glad to have found it, if a trifle later in life!   This photograph of the poet dates…

Wild, Whacky and Delicious – a review of Crane Mansions

  Gert Loveday had done it again with another wild, whacky and delicious comic novel. Writing Is Easy, Gert’s debut novel, is a marvellous send-up of a writing workshop and the people to attend and run it. Crane Mansions, the place, is a school for foundlings – literally babies left…

Barbara Jefferis Award Shortlist

This year I  was privileged to judge the Barbara Jefferis Award, together with Margaret Barbalet and Georgia Blain. Actually, the award was for two years, 2013 and 2014. There were 72 entries from 32 publishers, plus a small number of self-published novels. Here is our shortlist: Amy Espeseth: Sufficient Grace (Scribe)…

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