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Dianne Ascroft is a Canadian who particularly enjoys historical fiction set in Ireland and Scotland. She lives in rural Northern Ireland with her husband and several strong willed pets.

Her first novel, Hitler and Mars Bars, explores Operation Shamrock, a little known incident in Irish history. She co-edits The Fermanagh Miscellany and also contributed to the local history, The Brookeborough Story, and the fiction collections Foreign Flavours and Tuesdays at Charlie’s. Her articles and short stories have been printed in Canadian and Irish magazines and newspapers.

Dianne is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Fermanagh Authors’ Association and the Fermanagh Writers. She is the contact person for the HNS Irish branch.

From my website

The Graham Saga Comes To A Close

I’ve been reading the Graham Saga historical novels for just over a year now. To Catch A Falling Star by Anna Belfrage, who is on a Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour with the book, is the last in the eight book timeslip historical fiction series set in the seventeenth century.…

Marianne Perry’s The Inheritance

Today I’ve invited Marianne Perry, author of The Inheritance, to visit Ascroft, eh? to talk about her historical novel. Welcome Marianne. It’s always nice to have a fellow Canadian here. Let’s get started, shall we? Tell us about your novel The Inheritance. MP: The Inheritance is a historical fiction/romance set…

Knowing Where I’m Going

Since I’m in the middle of revising the first draft of a novel and have just finished writing the first draft of a long short story, I’ve been thinking a lot about planning stories. This week I talked about my favourite way to plot on Writers Abroad’s blog. If you’re…

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